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Field Trips

by: Justin Mills | on: 2006-03-06 00:00:00
One of my political science professors here at Sam Houston organized a field trip for today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it reminded of the good old days el Seco and I had at Lee College.

We left Huntsville around 9:30 this morning and headed out to Texas A&M to the George Bush Presidential Library. We took a tour of the library (presidential libraries are more like museums), and I was quite impressed. I'm ready to go back and stay longer. The main reason we went was to hear Louis J. Freeh deliver a speech at the Bush Library. Freeh is a former Director of the FBI, having served under Bill Clinton. Freeh delivered an outstanding speech concerning terrorism, and his dislike of Bill Clinton was evident. He had some wonderful anecdotes and such and I picked up his book "My FBI" (which he graciously signed for me).

After Freeh's speech, we headed into the Houston area and stopped on 1960 to put in an hour and a half's work for Peggy Hamric's campaign. Hamric is a moderate Republican running for State Senator against conservative Republican Dan Patrick. It honestly doesn't look good for Hamric, but we'll see how it works out when the primary returns are counted tomorrow. I wish Peggy Hamric all the best.

We finished up the day by heading into downtown Houston to the Magnolia Hotel, where the Houston Foundation was sponsoring a speech by Jack Valenti, who was special assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson during LBJ's presidency, and was also the president of the Motion Picture Association of America. Valenti brought up some really good points about free speech and parents' responsibility to monitor what their children watch. He also spoke of his time working with LBJ, and I found that very interesting.

It really felt good to get back out doing stuff like this again, especially since I haven't done anything like that since Lee College. I really appreciate Mr. Freeh and Mr. Valenti's speeches. Peggy Hamric is a wonderful lady and I was honored to call people on her behalf. The Houston Foundation is very generous, and I can't give enough thanks for all they did for us.

P.S. George Bush (41) was there at the Bush Library in person, and he introduced Mr. Freeh. I didn't get to meet him, but it was cool enough just to get to hear him speak in person.


el Seco 2006-03-07 00:00:00

When I used to live on Andrews Air Force Base, President Bush (41) would fly in on Air Force One from time to time. I came within 15 feet of him once, but that is the closest I got. My dad got to meet him, of course.

You know, those field trips at Lee College were great. They were half the reason I was so involved. I got to go all over the place on the College's ticket. (Well, I guess we all paid for it in student service fees, but I digress.) Good times. Many sleepless nights. Me and Dubya in the same bed ... holding hands ... uh, I mean we never slept in the same bed. Uh, that's right.

Dubya 2006-03-07 00:00:00

Ahem! That was supposed to stay between you and me.

Anyway, those trips were awesome. I think of all of them, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez were probably my favorite.