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The Stampede

by: Melanie Clark | on: 2011-03-31 00:26:01

I'm going to throw this out there, only because this site is in no way linked to my Facebook page, and my situation is simultaneously so funny and frustrating that I want to write about it.

I've never been a football fan. In fact, the first football game I watched beginning to end since High School was the 2009 A&M/Texas game, and I found that football can be quite entertaining when you have someone to talk you through every play so you actually understand it. So when this year's Superbowl came around, I had no problems going to a friend's party to join in the festivities.

In the back of a house full of people though, it was hard to actually follow the game. I drifted into a rather lively chat with a guy friend about New York, musicals, and other nonsense. I should have known better.

We've now gone on two dates, after working out together a couple of times. Normally I wouldn't mind; this guy is a low key dater and there's no premature pressure to take it anywhere, but there's the little problem of another person that I don't want to see other boys giving me too much attention.

The weekend between those above two dates, I received a call from someone I hadn't talked to a whole lot, but had an inkling he was interested. We went on a date. I had a good time and had decided I would go out with him again (I have a standard rule: good guy=two dates). But succeeding events showed me he was a lot more interested in me than I was in him, and he wasn't going to be subtle about it. Alas, rejecting never gets easier.

This was all late Febrary/early March. Last week, I got a text from yet a third guy asking me to dinner. My jaw just about dropped, but I had to give him my regrets since I was having dinner with a girl friend that night. Furthermore, there's a fourth guy that I suspect would ask me out if I gave him any encouragement at all. I spilled all of these woes to my good friend over sushi that night, including the frustration that the boy I want to go out with seems to be the only one that isn't asking.

I'd gone on practically no dates in six months, and then this? I seriously feel like I'm being stampeded. Perfect timing, boys. If it were another season, I would just have fun dating them all with no worries. I guess one good thing has come out of it: it's helped me decide what I want to go for. Part of me wants to punch this guy's lights out for messing up my fun. The other part wants to ask him out myself, since I apparently I can't be overt enough otherwise for him to get the message. Either that, or he's just ignoring it.

My friend instant messaged me the next day. One of the student assistants she works with saw us at the sushi bar and asked her the next morning who I was, and if I was single.


el Seco 2011-03-31 11:07:46

This is a good problem to have, Janeheiress. Much better to have a time of plenty than of famine. Of course, if you really wanted fewer suitors, you might try to stop winking at so many men!

Razzlered 2011-03-31 18:01:10

This happened to me one time in 5th grade. It was awesome, for 3 days. Tip, if they each ask you to rate them on a scale of 1-10 how much you like them, don't answer.

janeheiress 2011-04-01 13:04:55

5th Grade? Now, that's a time when this would've been fun! At least they didn't make you check yes or no! Oh, how I long for the days when liking someone meant you just had to chase them around the playground and be done with it. Since I apparently don't have the post editing capability at present, I want to add that I was in no way intending to brag about the attention from boys. My initial reaction was, who do they think I am? I'm not the kind of girl who gets asked out by (relatively) normal people! Still trying not to let it go to my head ;)

ArizonaBoy 2011-04-03 17:26:56

Just let it happen. This is the problem with dating in a modern world. Things start to go tragically the moment we go into analysis of the situation. If these guys are asking you out, maybe the right thing to do is say, "Yes, I'd love to." Until they propose, or ask for a larger commitment, let them keep asking you out. Who knows, you might find one you like back.

janeheiress 2011-04-04 11:06:31

Good advice, and I'm doing my best not to over-analyze (but frankly, very few women can successfully keep their emotions separate from their dating scene). I've had my share of tragic situations. Finally, a little addendum: A friend's mom called me yesterday and said that there's a man in her ward that she told to ask me out, and that he will probably call me. I've never been set up before, so this could be interesting (although there's a bit of irony in the situation that I won't even go into). If he calls, I'll go out with him. After all, I can only go out with who asks.

janeheiress 2011-04-10 13:39:28

Another update: last night a friend told me her brother wants to ask me out. He's 21. Increasingly finding the humor in this situation!