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A Suggested Playlist

by: Justin Mills | on: 2010-05-17 00:04:27

A suggested playlist for your listening pleasure:

  1. Like a Coat from the Cold, Guy Clark
  2. Anyhow, I Love You, Guy Clark
  3. Your Hand in Mine, Explosions in the Sky
  4. Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles
  5. Blue Texas Waltz, Billy Joe Shaver
  6. Blues Run the Game, Benjamin Costello
  7. If God Made You, Five for Fighting
  8. Such Great Heights, Benjamin Costello
  9. Closer, Better than Ezra
  10. Fly Farther
  11. In Love, Jon Foreman
  12. Yesterdays, Switchfoot



el seco 2010-05-17 01:29:10

Also On The Radio by Regina Spektor and Particle Man by They Might Be Giants.

Green 2010-05-17 18:20:08

Regina Spektor is wonderful.

janeheiress 2010-05-21 12:31:52

Why is it that I am suddenly frustrated at the lack of a "like" button? Facebook is evil. I will have to listen to these--I don't know most of them.

Giullieta 2010-05-21 15:20:32

I went ahead and put this together for you Dubya. Those are some pretty obscure tracks you have mixed in there, so I did the best I could. There are one or two missing, and others done by different artists, so I hope you don't mind. (BTW, I love that Guy Clark sounds a lot like Chris Smither. If you don't know who that is, I urge you to get to know him). http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/54908995 I love, love, LOVE other people's playlists. To me, it's a poignant glimpse into the heart of a friend and a snapshot of their emotions at a given moment. I found this list soothing, haunting, and sweet. The kind of music I curl up with when longing for companionship that can't be found. I think all of the ranters should go to this website and put together their own playlists. I want to know something about each one of you that can't be expressed in words.

Trooper 2010-05-21 16:59:18

http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/54920180 There's mine Giullieta, grab your cowboy hat!

Green 2010-05-22 11:51:10

I really like your playlist. :)

Giullieta 2010-05-22 12:00:31

Ooh, country music is my kryptonite I'm sorry to say. But I commend you for the White Stripes pick! Green, where's yours?

Dubya 2010-05-22 14:07:05

Thanks Giullietta! Those are some versions I haven't heard yet and they were great. I'll have to start using mixpod. I have another playlist I want to put together. Your critique of the playlist is spot on, this is music that I listen to when I feel lonesome (not lonely).

Dubya 2010-05-22 14:13:01

Also, these were selected because I think they are lyrically amazing. Except for instrumental track, which was picked because Explosions in the Sky is a group of absolutely brilliant musicians. Also, Guy Clark is my hero.

Giullieta 2010-05-22 15:50:14

Then please let me know what you think of Chris Smither. I particularly like his song No Love Today. Here is my list. It's longwinded, and scattered, but then again so am I. They've been my favorites for a long time, and will continue to be (though I purposefully left out the songs from my last list). http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/55043573 Two very important songs didn't make it on the list. Guyatri Manta by Rara Avis couldn't be found, and while you can find many beautiful versions of Ben Harper singing Sexual Healing, I'll never find the incredible Sexual Healing/Let's Get it On medley that he sang at Red Rocks. I could make the whole list out of Ben Harper songs, but the two I include are so beautiful to me, they often leave me in tears.

Green 2010-05-22 22:48:09

A few things after I listened to the other playlists: Trooper, I also love "We're Going to Be Friends". It makes me happy. Giullieta, I like your songs, too! Especially "Rain", "A Winner Needs a Wand", and "Whisper". I need to get some of those to put on my running playlist. This playlist thing was a good idea. I am out of touch when it comes to modern music, unless it is from a movie; and because I work in a middle school, I hear too much Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. I'm self-conscious about sharing music with people, because I worry that they will think I'm strange when they find out what I listen to, but I guess I need to get over it. Several of these are instrumental. So here it is, the stuff I listen to when I'm feeling thoughtful-- http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/55058210 I wanted to put "Hoppipola" on there, but I couldn't find a version that worked. Every song on the list is one that I have obsessed over at some point.

Dubya 2010-05-23 00:42:24

This is the other playlist I was working. The original Allman Brothers version of Midnight Rider isn't available so you should check it out on your own. In their place is the always amazing Waylon Jennings doing his version. Also, Audio Adrenaline's "Lonely Man" wasn't available at all so if you can find it you should listen to it. http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/55077872 There is some great new stuff on those playlists that I'd never heard. Thanks y'all!

Giullieta 2010-05-23 09:52:54

Green - You're list made me so happy. My sister-in-law and I used to work together, and our iTunes lists were networked together. She loved listening to movie soundtracks and had a very similar taste in music. Thanks for making me feel like I was home. Also, I immediately downloaded the movie Bright Star. Being so far away, without commercials and such, I never know what movies are out anymore unless it's a huge blockbuster. What else have I been missing?? Dubya - Oh my gosh, I will ride in a car with you cross-country ANY time. Great driving tunes! Also, I cracked up when I heard Red Summer Sun. It was like I was 20 years old again, listening with my little brother, singing to the rockin' parts in falsetto at the top of our lungs. I love you for that man! Green & Jane Heiress - One word: Facebook. Why hasn't this happened yet?

Green 2010-05-24 23:11:06

I will find out your real name, then we will be friends on Facebook. :)

el seco 2010-05-25 00:50:21

I am the name master. I will recommend friendships on Facebook.