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I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2011-10-26 10:36:42
After one full week of employment, I have my morning routine pretty much worked out. I wake up and go running. Then I get ready and take the bus by 7am. The bus drops me off half a mile from work. I walk that half mile, and I am at my desk at 7:30, ready for business.

So here's the rub: everyday during my half mile walk to work, I think to myself, wouldn't it be great if I had a push scooter to cover this distance? 

Natalie tells me that getting a scooter is a terrible idea. She is convinced that it is a social mistake. 

Me: I think I should get a scooter to go to work with.
Natalie: That is a terrible idea.
Me: Why?
Natalie: It is kind of nerdy.
Me: Yeah, but what if it was this scooter?
Natalie: You should walk.

Still, everyday the thought keeps popping into my head. I think I'm going to be getting myself a nerdy gift this Christmas. In fact, I told Natalie, I would be getting her a matching one so we could "scoot" together. She just looks at me like I'm some sort of crazy nerd.

The Office of the Attorney General

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2011-10-21 09:10:51
I have recently accepted and begun a job with the Office of the Attorney General of the state of Texas. This means several things, including the following:
  • I have moved from Ft. Worth back to Austin.
  • I work everyday from 8 to 5 so it feels like I live at the office.
  • I have a new, one bedroom apartment that I have named "Lonesome Dove."
  • I am poor until my first paycheck coming up in November.
  • I will be playing Ultimate Frisbee every Thursday night instead of every Saturday morning.
  • I am in the market for a free couch.

Great times ahead.

Pt. 2: The RomCom Competition

by: Mindy Hess | on: 2011-10-08 12:01:22

It used to be inevitable.  I’d be sitting next to him on the couch, his eyes glued to the TV, my eyes staring daggers at him. He’d ask me what’s wrong, and I’d tell him “nothing.” Of course he knows it’s something, but the whole point of that something is that he’s supposed to know without me having to tell him, and long before I get mad. 

What was wrong was that he never stood outside my window, holding a stereo overhead while blasting Peter Gabriel.  He never danced across the bleachers and sang that I was too good to be true as a marching band backed him up. He never carried me in from the rain then rode horseback for days just to bring my mother to my bedside.  Gol!!


A Year in the Making: pt. 1

by: Mindy Hess | on: 2011-10-06 03:19:22

Six months ago I wrote about how I wasn’t writing.  I said I’d reevaluate in another six months, and here we are.

This is my problem.  I’ve gone through my bitter single years (if you don’t believe me, here’s a sobering blast from the past) and now, the only thing I can think of writing about will likely make my old self want to slap my present self in the face.  To say I’ve learned a few things about life and love this past year is beyond an understatement.  I’ve almost completely metamorphosized into a different being.  

What’s interesting is that the things that make me happy in this relationship aren’t necessarily the things I thought I was longing for.  Some of them took me completely by surprise.  So I’ve decided to begin a list of unexpected upsides to the stable, long-term relationship.  Since each individual item is a rant unto itself, I won’t do it all at once.  But I will add to it as inspiration arises.