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As Good As It Gets

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2009-02-26 08:35:17

I watched this film recently, As Good As it Gets, with Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear.  There is a scene in the film where Jack Nicholson's character, Melvin Udall, goes to his psychiatrist's office without an appointment. After he is rebuffed by the psychiatrist, he walks back out, and, as he walks through the waiting room, he turns to a group of people patiently waiting their turn and rhetorically inquires, "what if this is as good as it gets?"

I thought about this question for a long time. What if this is as good as it gets?



by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2009-02-05 10:58:51

The other day while walking down the street I see a sign that reads exactly: "Want to learn English? Free classes!"

There is something not quite right about that sign. If they don't know English already, how will they ever understand the sign? What were they thinking?