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Political Agnosticism

by: Mindy Hess | on: 2009-12-29 07:40:09

Last night I had a discussion with my mother that once again focused on political leanings. For most of my adult life, she and my brother have tried to convince me to join their opinions (and I do mean that literally) regarding political matters. This has been a point of tension in my family, and one of discomfort in dealing with friends and acquaintances. I dislike politics, I don't fully understand politics, and I can never bring myself to come to a conclusion or decision that I'm comfortable with when it comes to most political issues.  Going one step further, I've seen politics tear up relationships, and even turn people away from the gospel. Some people say they don't believe in organized religion because it has done some ugly things. That's how I feel about politics, and to me, it's okay. I don't have to like politics. God governs all. 


The Jane Austen Book Club: Introduction

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2009-12-26 22:37:47

I have, as you all likely know, resolved to read the six major novels of Jane Austen in 2010. I will be reading one novel every two months. I will also watch the BBC film/series that accompany the book once I have finished reading it. 

I will go in order not of publication but of when each book was written: thus, I begin in January with Northanger Abbey. I understand that it was not started first, but that it was the first ready for publication, although it was not published first. I will follow Northanger in this order: Sense and Sensibility in March, Pride and Prejudice in May, Mansfield Park in July, Emma in September, and, finally, Persuasion in November.

Alright. Who's with me? I am declaring 2010, the year of the Jane Austen Book Club.


Single in a married church

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2009-12-11 20:59:30

Recently my friend Razzlered shared a link with me. Here it is: http://singlemormongirl.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/how-to-spot-a-player/. It was amusing. I won't comment on what she was trying to say about me with that link; rather, I want to focus on the blog it was posted on. It is called "The Single Mormon Girl's Guide to Life." Interesting title. So I read on.

Upon perusing the site, I ran across another post that describes a conversation that I've had more times than I care to count. Here is the post: Yes Ruth, I'm STILL Single.


and so I might as well rant

by: Mindy Hess | on: 2009-12-05 15:16:01

So I figure if Cher, Celine Dion, and Barbara Streisand can have multiple farewell tours (why do I know this!?), I can just gloss over that tearful goodbye from over a year ago, and jump back into the ranting world. What can I say? I miss it. Let’s just leave it at that.

And what exactly will Giullieta be ranting about this evening?

Do you really have to guess? Love!

(oh it’s about to get real ugly, real quick)


Mansfield Park

by: Abinadi Ayerdis | on: 2009-12-01 19:37:30

I was speaking recently with a friend about the collected works of Jane Austen. Neither of us have read more than one of her novels. So we agreed to read all six of them. As we continued our conversation, we began to realize how long that would take, so we agreed to watch all the movies that were based on the books. Then we agreed that we would limit it to the most recent BBC version.

So there it is. My friend M. and I will watch the most recent BBC adaptations of all of Jane Austen's novels. I think that the BBC does have a version of all of them.

The more I think about this plan, the more I dislike that we are leaving out the novels themselves. I want to read these books. I am thinking of forming a Jane Austen book club consisting of myself alone (and any others who would care to tag along) wherein I would read all of the novels and watch the associated films at the rate of one every two months. I could read them chronologically as they were written. 

What do you think of my plan?