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Posted 10 April 2013
Category Ember.JS

I've always had a fundamental problem with Javascript. As a web application grows, I have struggled with how best to organize my Javascript into something reasonable and easy to maintain. I generally use jQuery along with any number of jQuery plugins. But I have never been sure about how should the folder structure look or how the code should be organized. I heard about node when it came out, and it sounded exciting. I also heard about backbone. Backbone really intrigued me, but I never had any time to really devote to either. 

Eventually, I had an idea for a project. I wanted to build an online version of Dominion. There already was one, but I thought I could do better. So I tried it, but I quickly got bogged down in jQuery. I figured a javascript MVC framework is what I needed. I then read about Ember.js. It was new and hot and seemed like the perfect fit what I was looking to do. I tried it a couple of times, but my efforts were half-hearted and never amounted to anything. Dominion online took a backseat to life. Since Rant Fever is redone and looking fairly good, I am ready to take Ember.js by the reins again. And this time, I won't accept defeat!

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