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Hello, World

Posted 29 March 2013
Category PyroCMS

Since I have changed Rant Fever to a new CMS and abandoned the old group-blog, I have decided to dedicate the new Rant Fever 4.0 specifically to my technological interests. Right now, I envision that to be Web Development, Laravel, LESS, PHP, Python, PyroCMS, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

First things first

The first thing I did was download a copy of the community edition of PyroCMS. Frankly, the professional edition did seem better, particularly with the PyroStreams and multi-site management. But since I didn't want to spend any money, I'm passing on the pro version... for now.

Eventually, I want to write a module in PyroCMS to display all the old posts and comments. But, first things first.

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