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A new home for CodeIgniter

Posted 17 July 2013
Written by Abinadi Ayerdis
Category Codeigniter

A week ago on July 9, 2013, EllisLab announced on their blog that they are looking for a new owner for Codeigniter.

I have embraced Laravel as my PHP framework of choice, but I, like many others, learned the MVC pattern with CI. CodeIgniter has long been the most approachable of the major frameworks. It is easily accessible, has great documentation, is really fast, and has a large community. And now EllisLab is done with it.

What will happen to CI? Will it disappear altogether? Will all development cease? Will it become better as the open source community takes it over? Will it take it over?

So many questions. No one really knows, but I don't think CI will just go away overnight. Too many people depend on it. I hope that EllisLab finds a good home for CI. CI needs to embrace the modern features that PHP as a language offers. It needs to make more sense. I think there will be a lot of people who will be watching to see what will happen to the framework. Meanwhile, I'll be doing my development in Laravel.


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