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Hello, World

Posted 29 March 2013
Written by Abinadi Ayerdis
Category PyroCMS

Since I have changed Rant Fever to a new CMS and abandoned the old group-blog, I have decided to dedicate the new Rant Fever 4.0 specifically to my technological interests. Right now, I envision that to be Web Development, Laravel, LESS, PHP, Python, PyroCMS, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

First things first

The first thing I did was download a copy of the community edition of PyroCMS. Frankly, the professional edition did seem better, particularly with the PyroStreams and multi-site management. But since I didn't want to spend any money, I'm passing on the pro version... for now.

Eventually, I want to write a module in PyroCMS to display all the old posts and comments. But, first things first.

Web site deployment with GIT

I wanted to clone the PyroCMS repository to my computer and then use GIT to push my changes to my 1and1 virtual hosting. Not all of 1and1's packages offer ssh access, but apparently mine does, because I was able to ssh in no problem using the credentials I found in the control panel. A couple of things to note about deploying a web site using GIT:

  • You can't push to a repository with a working tree. You want to push to a bare repository (we'll call that the hub). But a bare repository doesn't have any files, it only has the deltas. So you will also need another repository (let's call that production) that will have the files. Basically, you push to the bare repo (hub) and then a hook in hub runs a script that switches over to the production repo (with the working tree) and pulls in the changes made to hub. I got the details from sebduggan.com.
  • My first thought was that the hook script would run a cd /path/to/webroot and then run a git pull hub. But Seb Duggan recommends using a GIT_WORK_TREE variable, which is kind of brilliant because that means we can have all the web files in the webroot without the .git directory there as well. Seb Duggan credits toroid.org for the idea.

That turned out to work pretty great. I can now deploy to production using GIT. Awesome. I did just that and got PyroCMS up. PyroCMS recommends setting a server variable in an .htaccess file to determine the environment. I.e., is it development, staging, or production. That works brilliantly on my local server, but not at all on 1and1. I ended up sniffing for the URL in the index.php file. Not a good idea changing core PyroCMS files, but having just one set of files on both the production and development sides is too convenient.

Next up, themes

After the install was done as well as some basic settings, I looked to the theme. I copied the minimal theme so I would have a starting place to work off of. As of the creating of this blog post, it is still essentially the minimal theme. Next, I aim to put Twitter Bootstrap on here and leverage the power of LESS in developing a nice theme for this blog.


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